A new way to interact with the Helicopter

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A new way to interact with the Helicopter

Post by gabichnz » Fri Aug 09, 2019 2:23 am

First off, what a fantastic product, only one out there has been done so well. I am flying it in Prepar3D v4. What motivated me to get it is that I flown this thing in Take on Helicopters, its a common helicopter and it's known as "little bird". Plenty of uses in all corners of the industry no doubt. Big thanks for the attachments two.

Now the juicy stuff, I got some ideas for your payware product that would be quite cool. Would suggest when changing attachments on the helicopter it should be done in game via a "virtual hangar" so you can see visually what is changed. The helicopter's virtual ingame hangar should also cover the ability to remove doors or leave them on. Separately there should be a onscreen checklist that is interactive, the helicopter offers cold and dark which is excellent, you'd want to set this up in game two. I know it's not much to start it up for its good to have a checklist also with the option to switch on cold and dark or ready state. Having all that in a separate software isn't that good from my perspective.

Next big thing I want to suggest for this, is a dynamic co-pilot where he can start the helicopter for you and speak to you, give you feedback on your flying, talk throw the startup process, advise you on anything that needs your attention. This also should be enabled via in game probably part of the checklist. The main objective of the update for the helicopter is to make it more living, more alive. Ideas got from A2A Simulations, Uiver Team's DC2 and ManFred's C47 as they are the most "alive" add-ons for Prepar3D v4. Haven't see a helicopter like this yet.
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