Milviz Huey High Praise!

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Milviz Huey High Praise!

Post by Nullack » Tue Nov 08, 2016 1:50 am

Hi, as the proud owner of the MD530 I was encouraged to see very high praise indeed being said on the interwebs about the new Huey. A long time pilot said "...better than dodosim" which is a pivotal statement! Especially considering DodoSim cant get it's act together with P3D and modern HD models, Milviz is coming big into the eggbeater market.

Now a thing that A2A does, is when they improve one area of their planes, they retrofit that back into other planes. I'm hoping my experience with Milviz will be the same - when technology is improved, those bits that can be adapted to existing products are improved too.

This action would go a long way to me purchasing the Heuy and generally expanding my Milviz library


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