T-38A ADV v3.170726 (supports P3d v.4)

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T-38A ADV v3.170726 (supports P3d v.4)

Post by Alvaro » Wed Aug 02, 2017 7:37 am

Now available (see support forum).

Enjoy! ;)


- P3D v4 compatibility added

- Smoke system added ("Wings fold/unfold" key - ON/OFF)

- Fuel tanks collision damage and effects added

- Improved Hydraulic system

- Fixed a bug that prevented some random failures being correctly triggered

- Fixed a bug that prevented the icing effects working correctly under certain circumstances

- Fixed landing gear collapse issues on some airfields

- Attenuated jump tendency with the aircraft stopped after a total landing gear collapse, specially with camera changes.

- ADV's physics engine: fixed a bug affecting roll and yaw axis (under highly dynamic conditions)

- ADV's physics engine: J85 engines gyroscopic coupling effect added.

- Fixed induced drag at high speed

- Revised and improved overall performance model: SEP, energy diagrams, fuel consumption.

- Ground effect tweaked. Improved take-off performance accuracy and further improved pitch control during rotation.

- Fixed a bug in the engines model that prevented compressor stall/surge working correctly

- Fixed the engines compressor stall tendency on ground under cross-winds

- Linearized engine response to throttle inputs

- RPMs fixed. RPMs will not further increase in afterburner

- Fixed EGT: maximum EGT value will be reached at 100% RPM (Mil/AB)

- Pitch stick I/O curve improved. There was a bug in the stick response curve causing high stick sensitivity, specially during take-off.

- Elevator position fixed (animation).

- Improved bobweight model and increased Nz authority. (airframe overstress now possible)

- Thunderbird#2 label/info fixed.

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