Air to Air Refuelling/ Tanker pulls the boom back

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Air to Air Refuelling/ Tanker pulls the boom back

Post by niggi-bastian » Sat Mar 03, 2018 3:26 pm

Hi there,
my problem is that when i'm fliying inbound "the refueling zone" (within 200 feet of tanker alt, within 45 degrees left or right of tanker's rear and within 0.4nm aft of tanker), the Boomoperator pulls the boom back into the "parking position". I know that i have to give the signal "ready" by using the Cowl flaps (close incrementally) on tanker mode Normal, but nothing happens - except that when i'm closing in, the boom goes up.....
I'm flying properly in formation with the tanker, slipway is open, within the parameters and if i'm closing in but at about 150ft and same altitude, the boom goes up and that's it.....hmmm. What i don't know exactly is the time when i have to push the designated button for cowl flaps......
Appreciate a tip, i really do not know what i'm doing wrong. :?:

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