Fix list.

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Fix list.

Post by Krazycolin » Sat Feb 11, 2012 1:17 pm

The first and most important thing to know... there is NO VIRUS hiding in the file. This is a false positive generated by the anti-theft software we implemented from F1.

Here's the updated list of what's new on the MV F-15E.

Note that this doesn't include all of the gauge, HUD, systems and modeling fixes.... Only the ones we remember doing...

1. DLL version number increase from beta 0.x.y.z to 1.x.y.z

2. Added a check on the installer to remove any entry containing the word MILVIZ in the dll.xml

3. Write properly the data required to load the DLL

4. Conflicts between MV F-15E and other addons fixed

5.Removed the blirp sound that was used to indicate the scan rate

6. All AA radar mode have been cleaned

7. Added a TEWS function=>when locked by a radar user should hear a continuous warning sound

8. Added a TEWS function => when locked by a radar of a missile user should hear a sharp sound

10. Added flare and chaff for IR and Radar missile. Releasing them will affect the tracking and may help avoid a hit (see 51 and 52)

11. All Bombs have individual effects for their explosion ( but only one effect exist at this time) (coming soon!)

12. CDIP is now based on radar return of the immediate environment of the plane (ie) it should be highly accurate on uneven terrain or side of the mountain or hill

13 CDIP will designate the impact point as a target point and place the HUD target diamond on it. It can be reused for AUTO mode or a second path on the same point.

13 CDIP mode works for guided and unguided mode. LGB will only fall on a ballistic trajectory with no guidance

14 AUTO works as it should. User need to maintain the pickle button and the module decide when to drop the bomb

15 Laser is now active and work automatically if a LGB is dropped with laser off it fall ballistically with no guidance

16 CDIP mode return the estimated impact point as a target coordinate

17 AUTO PRE return the time to release

18 VIS mode is slaving the radar cursor to the HUD diamond and to the Target POD ( press shift 1 to see the image). If the radar cursor move the target diamond in the HUD move as well as the Target PODview. Locking a point on the ground will stabilize the target diamond and the TGP view. Then The value returned by the module is the time to release point.

19 AUTO PRE and VIS works for guided and unguided bomb. Point 15 apply here as well

20 AGM missile are released in PRE or VIS value returned by the DLL is the distance to the effective launch zone. AGM65 is around 10nm but AGM 130 is based on altitude the higher the longer it will fly.

21 AI airplane management. The load on the multiplayer session is controlled by the module. Object are removed once they are no more used in the session. Missile and bomb are removed 2mn after their creation.

22 Damage. In single player it is the attacker module that decide the damage level to the AI. In multiplayer damage and good hit are decided by the targeted module based on distance to impact or distance to the explosion. The closer the missile explode to you the more damage you will get. There is still a random factor by % of chance are affected by impact distance

23 Ground Hit and fragment damage radius is reduced by half

24 in order to see other player AI objects simply move the object from MISC to Airplane folder. ex missile. In MP the MILVIZP_MP folder need to be moved to Airplane folder. This is mandatory. If a player decide to use visible AI objects all the other need to have it also in the aircraft folder or it will be substituted by another plane!!

25 Plane is loaded with 60 flares and 60 chaffs

26 Tanker pro mode has been improved and is more stable

27 Log file is now located in the /My documents/Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder. Users with UAC on should be able to run the module!

28 Added sound for Flares and Chaff

29 Sound should be linked to the FSX master sound (ie) no sound playing when the FSX sound is OFF !!!!

30 Canopy ejection -> left canopy handle blow the canopy and the canopy debris should fall to the ground

31 night and day burners added

32 new soundset by Mike Maarse

33 jumping fixed

34 eyepoint drop fixed

35 material issues fixed

36 modeling and normal issues fixed

37 arm rests removed

38 stick remodeled to match real

39 canopy is now black

40 shoot/lock lights separated

41 nozzle movement fixed

42 contrast and brightness on MFD's changed to allow for much better FPS (an increase of 10FPS was logged on a low end system)

43 bitmaps reduced and, in some cases, removed entirely

44 three (3) different VCs are now available: Regular (bumps, diff and spec and full polys), Medium (no bumps) and Low (no bumps and everything behind pilot removed entirely)

45 nightlighting adjusted for DX9. DX10 is NOT recommended.

46 joystick rotated 30degrees to the left

47 extra piping on seats removed

48 external lighting fixed and enhanced

49 ADI now fixed

50 many gauge and HUD fixes

51 Installer issues now FIXED.

52 flares are now operational in SP and in MP. In MP they actually work (only against IR directed missiles) (to use, open cowl flaps incrementally)

53 Chaff is now operational in MP. They work only against radar guided missiles... (to use, close cowl flaps incrementally)

54 For those of you that want to change to a totally different flightplan from a flightplan file without having to do it manually through the UFC I included a handy little trick. Since our navigation system is very speciallised (the default flightplan system is not nearly flexible enough) just changing FS flightplans wont have any effect. So to reset the flightplan here is what you do: Go to the second menu page on any of the MFDs. Accessed from the M2 button in the main page. then go to DTM page and there press the RESET button. You will see ROUTE RESET in the center of the screen. Press RESET again and the FSX flightplan will be loaded into the UFC.

55 inclusion of three (3) MDLs of varying resolutions for those who are still experiencing FPS issues. All that needs to be done is to modify the model.cfg.

Things that are not fixed:

1) manuals have not been updated. This will happen as and when I have time to do them. 90% of the manual is correct as it stands now. Only thing I regret is not thanking those who contributed to this... namely, RD, Cougar, Ken, Jon, CD, Gunnar, Mike, Chuck, Bernt, Tom, Steve, Dmitriy, Oleg, Ville and, of course, all of the testers... you guys ROCK!

2) weapons explosions. We are working on different explosions for the different weapons... those are coming when they arrive.

3) night lighting storm floods. We are looking at this still to find the way to best implement them...

4) we missed the files for the burners. They will be implemented in the mini SP that we will release shortly.

5) there are now weapons fixes as well.

You can grab them here.... Place the two textures into the texture directory of the MV F-15E. Overwrite the old ones. Place the MDL in the model.1 directory. Overwrite.

Note: for those of you who are uncomfortable with doing this kind of thing, we will be releasing another SP with some minor additions... (NEW STUFF!!!!) soon. (NO DATE YET)


Below is a fix for the day burners... please place these two files in the effects/textures directory.
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Re: Fix list.

Post by GB_ » Sat Feb 11, 2012 6:43 pm

Mr. Colin

Thank you for the news. Every FSX add-on and especially any such complicated needs some fixes soon after release. For me, the fixes contained above weren't show stoppers, since easy bypasses were possible. However the vast majority of the above changes are product upgrades and for these I'm really more than happy to get without any additional money.

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Re: Fix list.

Post by rsgunner » Sat Feb 11, 2012 8:39 pm

Just an amazing list of improvements.

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Re: Fix list.

Post by JanD » Sat Feb 11, 2012 10:30 pm

Now that is great news!! Eagerly awaiting the update and sure it will be the greatest!!

Thank you Colin, Ken and team!!

Jan (drooling another keyboard to kingdom come)

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Re: Fix list.

Post by Ishigami » Sat Feb 11, 2012 11:46 pm

Looking forward to the update.

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Re: Fix list.

Post by Burner59 » Sun Feb 12, 2012 12:22 am

Wow, this update will be GREAT! :D
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Re: Fix list.

Post by Ken Stallings » Sun Feb 12, 2012 12:37 am

The beta test team received the SP model for final evaluation. I have to say, personally speaking, I am REALLY liking what I'm seeing here!

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Re: Fix list.

Post by audiohavoc » Sun Feb 12, 2012 3:08 pm

EXCELLENT! Really looking forward to this.

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Re: Fix list.

Post by weasel » Mon Feb 13, 2012 7:09 pm

looking forward to thx for the update :)
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