F15E strike Eagle CTD -work round.

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Captain Vodka
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F15E strike Eagle CTD -work round.

Post by Captain Vodka » Sat Apr 18, 2015 12:59 pm

After spending a couple of week now on the Milviz F15E, much with some trials and tribulations..

Thought I’d give some pointers for anyone thinking of getting this ship’

OK firstly you have to have Acceleration installed or you will lose functionality of some of the aircraft major elements. Afterburner for a start. No acceleration pack, no afterburner whatsoever. Without the AB you’ll be bleeding speed as soon as you lift off. It’s a must!

Secondly I had endless issues with CTD’s with this piece of software. I was almost at the point of giving up on it and binning it out of my hangar. The issues were once installed I would get one flight and ‘hopefully’ land. After the flight id go back to the main screen and set up another flight. That’s where the troubles occur. Once you hit ‘fly’ your taken to the loading screen as per normal, you get to 100% load and . . . sound of inside the cockpit and. . Blank screen. .then CTD every time!

This was somewhat demoralising. I looked at the milviz forum to see if there were any tips. There were quite a few reported CTDs but nothing really in depth to the point of the ctd , where / when or a work round / solution. Was a little ‘grin and bear’ it to try and work something out. Seemingly lots of happy customers so something had to be wrong somewhere on my rig perhaps?

Firstly this is the only aircraft I have any issue with whatsoever. I have carenado, A2A, Ants planes, Dino’s all 100% on the money. I even have milviz F86A. All fine and dandy as we say. It was just the F15E that was CTD every time after that first flight. I uninstalled, reinstalled at least a dozen times, just so I could at least get one flight. .yes I know. .how ridiculous was that. It’s just when you get a flight loaded you will see why I troubled myself to persevere here. It’s a real beaut’ of a ship to fly!. . And hopefully land.

So first let’s look at my rig to see if that was an issue

Wn7pro, Intel i7 overclocked from 3.8-4.2ghz. 32mb RAM, 2Gb ATI ice Q 6950. FSX +acceleration running standalone on SSD256gb. Thrustmaster F16 Hotas, Saitek panels, autopilot, radio/ nav plus switching panel. TM MFD’s. All latest drivers installed to date inc FSUPIC..and EZdok. So now slouch in the pc rig whatsoever. Tweaked cfg nicely running smooth. ALL ok on everything else. Running two screens. One Samsung and one LG but they have different resolution. The main Samsung is 1680 x 1050 60hz. And the LG 1280 x 1024 60hz. I thought perhaps there is an issue with a conflict in the different screen resolutions. I run extended screen mode by the way. Main screen with cockpit window and the LG smaller screen with perhaps gps running or another instrument. But, as I say, no problem with anything else flying and causing problems

So I thought I’d try something. Perhaps start and run a flight in window mode and not full screen?
Reinstalled the F15E, ensured I would start in window mode by loading up another aircraft first and exited out of FSx in window mode. Booted fsx back up. Loaded the f15E up and. .

Shazaaam! Works. Straight into cockpit and no ctd.

Ran a few more reloads, either in window mode all full screen mode and same thing every time.

If in full screen mode. First flight after reinstall would work then CTD every time. Reinstall; start each time in window mode and Alt-Ent once in cockpit to full screen. Take Off, land. Then at shutdown go back into window mode. Exit flight set new flight up and back in window mode in the cockpit. .no CTD whatsoever.


Clearly there is an issue here with the Milviz F15E starting any flight after its install and then after its first flight but starting and finishing in window mode solves the issue.

I cannot say if this is a generic issue overall or just something with my system / install but it is the ONLY aircraft that CTDS and requires this method of running successfully.

So , nice ship to fly once you have a work round of the CTD’ or at least in my situation here.

Hopefully this is helpful to others.

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Re: F15E strike Eagle CTD -work round.

Post by JonathanBleeker » Sat Apr 18, 2015 7:00 pm

This is one of those things about this bird that frustrates me a bit....We don't have the source code for what is likely causing the problem and as such cant make a service pack to fix.

Milviz R&D Lab dev/Resident PITA Perfectionist.

Please read the manual before posting. You will learn quicker than if I act as your instructor.

Captain Vodka
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Re: F15E strike Eagle CTD -work round.

Post by Captain Vodka » Sun Apr 19, 2015 8:00 pm

Its the only software aircraft I have this trouble whatsoever out of 37 payware's.

but hey ho. .

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Re: F15E strike Eagle CTD -work round.

Post by Trailboss » Fri Apr 08, 2016 2:46 am

Same situation as Captain Vodka: I just purchased and installed the F-15E and ran it the first time today. Started in windows mode (my normal mode), as soon as I opened the GPS CTD. After several restarts I started in windows mode, changed to full screen, opened GPS, no CTD. Ran a flight TO to landing and shutdown, no CTD. Rebooted, opened in full screen, CTD. Rebooted, opened in windows mode, changed to full screen, opened GPS, flew a full flight, no CTD.


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