F-100D sunset flight in Lofoten, Norway

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F-100D sunset flight in Lofoten, Norway

Post by endl3ss » Sat May 13, 2017 2:21 pm

Not a screenshot, but a fairly long video, almost 50 minutes, of a flight from Bodø Main air station (ENBO) to Andøya air station (ENAN), via the Lofoten archipelago.
Looooong video, sorry about that, but is meant for my girlfriends father from Portugal, to show where me and her travelled last summer. And he loves fighters, but have never flown flightsims before :)

Not a very advanced flight, no weapons (despite having TacPac installed), still learning about FSX ins and outs, definitely still learning the F-100D (probably obvious in the video), but basically just enjoying an evening flight and buckling the wings a bit. Not entirely sober either... :oops:
No fancy camerawork or editing. I thought about it, but decided that with the stunning F-100D model and the scenery, it wouldn't really contribute anything. Only editing done is snipping away some annoying stuff, whenever I paused the flight to get the scenery to load, whenever I did something even more stupid than what shows in the video, as well as the...hrrrmm...."creative aerial refuelling" sequence needed due to my enthusiastic use of afterburner...

I have to say I absolutely love this aircraft. Beautiful model, I love the way it flies, and even though I've not had time to dive really deep into it has become one of my favorite aircrafts, if not THE favorite. Awesome work by You MilViz people!


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Re: F-100D sunset flight in Lofoten, Norway

Post by wiltzei » Sat May 13, 2017 3:49 pm

A splendid combination.

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