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Ken Stallings
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Post by Ken Stallings » Sun May 27, 2012 3:56 am

Here are the links you need to download the missions. Of course, you will need to purchase and install the MilViz Baron 55 for the missions to function as this is the aircraft the missions are designed around.

To make the downloads go a bit smoother for folks without super fast ISP connections, we have broken the missions down into six parts, each part containing one mission plus in some cases additional scenery and support files. Each download includes a readme document with installation and background information. The first mission contains the necessary support scenery, which provides you with an updated and highly realistic rendering of Portales Municipal Airport, NM where you will conduct the majority of your training.

Did I mention training? Yes I did! In fact, these six missions should be flown sequentially as they take you through the normal progression of FAA training for a Commercial Aircraft Multi-Engine Land pilot certificate! The sixth mission is your FAA checkride and if you can pass it, you actually earn your FAA certificate added to your FSX pilot rewards tally! Mission one is a basic introduction training flight, focusing on the basics and serving as a good tutorial for the systems on the aircraft as well as establishing good pilot foundations. You will have a virtual flight instructor with you who's voice will guide you through the training sortie. The second mission is a bit more advanced, building on the lessons of the first mission. It focuses on the FAA's Practical Test Standards maneuvers such as Vmc demo, single engine failure on the ground and in the air, plus various types of stalls. The third mission is similar to the second except everything is customized so that you elect what training items you wish to perform and which training items you wish to bypass. You practice the manevuers using the third mission as often as you like until you are ready for your checkride. The fourth mission is a day VMC cross country flight and the fifth mission is a night IMC cross country that requires you to fly an instrument approach procedure at your destination airport in IMC conditions! In all cases your virtual instructor's voice guides you through each of the steps and an interactive menu allows you to control the pace of the training!

Here are the links. Each mission is archived using WINRAR, so you will need that utility to unarchive them. The first mission includes the scenery at Portales Airport including the T-Hangars. The fourth and fifth missions include the flightplans you will need to add to your root C-drive. The sixth mission includes the FAA certificate reward.

First Mission
WINRAR: http://www.kenstallings.com/downloads/M ... cenery.rar

Second Mission
WINRAR: http://www.kenstallings.com/downloads/M ... ission.rar

Third Mission
WINRAR: http://www.kenstallings.com/downloads/M ... ission.rar

Fourth Mission
WINRAR: http://www.kenstallings.com/downloads/M ... ission.rar

Fifth Mission
WINRAR: http://www.kenstallings.com/downloads/M ... ission.rar

Sixth Mission
WINRAR: http://www.kenstallings.com/downloads/M ... ission.rar

Ken Stallings
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Re: Missions

Post by ollifreund » Mon Aug 20, 2012 9:02 pm

I just did the first mission yesterday. Good job!!

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Re: Missions

Post by Victory103 » Mon Oct 01, 2012 5:38 pm

Ken, great job on these. Just started flying a B58 at FSI real world and these are perfect despite me not using the MV B55, the numbers are close enough for government work! Just flew the 1st mission, looking forward to the others.
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Re: Missions

Post by Biba » Sun Dec 22, 2013 12:48 am

I have tons of FSX Add-Ons with a lot of regrets, but yours is one of the best investments I made!

Keep on up with the good labor...

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