B55 in P3Dv2

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B55 in P3Dv2

Post by AviatorMan » Fri Dec 06, 2013 6:48 pm

Have purchased Lockheed's P3Dv2 a few days ago, and have also installed the Milviz B55/E55. Have flown it quite a lot in the new sim and my impressions are that it flies better than it does in FsX. Also the Milviz dual installer worked perfectly, and have discovered that everything in the VC seems to work. This was a pleasant surprise as there is a VC click spot problem and the GPS was not working with some of the default P3Dv2 planes; but everything works well on the Milviz B55/E55.

Anyone else have any experience to share with their Milviz planes in the new P3D?

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