King Air Service pack changelog

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King Air Service pack changelog

Post by doodlebug » Wed May 27, 2020 7:58 pm

Changes from 1.1.28 (May 24, 2020)
-Advisory VNAV fix

-Minor texture fix

Changes from 1.1.27 (May 20, 2020)
-Fixed runway being inserted for CTL (RNVA) approaches

Changes from 1.1.26 (May 15, 2020)
-Various improvements

Changes from 1.1.25 (May 14, 2020)

-Prop level both fix
-Night lighting fixes

Changes from 1.1.24 (May 13, 2020)
-Various fixes and code cleanup

-Various fixes

Changes from 1.1.23 (May 11, 2020)
-Reduced and optimized textures to improve VRAM consumption

Changes from 1.1.22 (May 8, 2020)

Various minor fixes and improvements

Changes from 1.1.21 (May 7, 2020)
FMS Changes
-Fixed a filtering issue
-Various fixes

-Various fixes

-RealLight fixes
-Various fixes

Changes from 1.1.20 (May 5, 2020)
FMS Changes
-Fixed a minor text alignment issue

-RealLight fixes
-Various fixes

Changes from 1.1.8 (April 27, 2020)
FMS Changes
-Fixed a crash relating to FPLN approach display
-Fixed approach naming
-Fixed a scenario causing the runway to be inserted after the missed approach point

-Fixed an inversion in the hardware mapping system

-Various updates

Changes from 1.1.7 (April 23, 2020)
-Various updates
-Updated RealLight to new beta version

-Fixed cabin door night lighting

PL21 Changes
-Fixed FMS text issue

Changes from 1.1.6 (April 21, 2020)
-Updated MV_WXM

-Fixed a minor texture issue

Changes from 1.1.3 (April 10, 2020)
FMS Changes
-Fixed incorrect removal of terminal legs over en-route waypoints
-Fixed reversed hours and minutes on MARK POINTS page
-Fixed incorrect month on MARK POINTS page
-Fixed GNSS ALT and HEIGHT not displaying
-Fixed a potential issue with screen refreshing
-Fixed a potential issue with brightness
-Fixed a procedure turn issue
-Fixed a possible crash entering leg winds
-Fixed enroute time not displaying properly on the FLIGHT LOG page
-Fixed landing time not displaying properly on the FLIGHT LOG page
-Fixed a SID/STAR/APPR filtering issue
-Fixed FMS not turning off
-Fixed a minor FMS TEXT issue

-Fixed an issue preventing the ESIS menu from working under some conditions
-Fixed RTU brightness not being honored by the popup
-Fixed a single nav radio ILS issue
-Fixed an issue with data saving/loading
-Fixed several various potential leg indexing issues
-Fixed duplicate camera ID

-Fixed a leg indexing related CTD
-Fixed airplane symbol displaying in unscaled insets on charts
-Fixed a chart boundary clipping issue
-Fixed non-geo-referenced charts displaying the aircraft symbol
-Night mode charts

-Fixed missing labels on the right side PFD
-Fixed disconnected trim rods
-Fixed an issue causing higher VRAM usage and FPS impact
-Added windshield icing

I have done my best to summarize changes from the last public release below. There are likely many more changes that I did not list.

Changes from 1.0.1 (Dec 23, 2019)
FMS Changes
-Fixed cycle dates showing yellow at all times
-Fixed broken "NEW HOLD" LSK
-Fixed reverse wind entry
-Fixed issue with entering small negative coordinates
-Fixed typos/display inaccuracies on the ARRIVAL DATA page
-Fixed broken duplicate waypoint selection on PERF TRIP page
-Fixed incorrect elevation display on ARRIVAL DATA page
-Fixed incorrect default hold data
-Fixed airport position initialization not entering departure airport
-Added RX## waypoint system for VECTOR approaches
-Fixed overly restrictive filtering behavior
-Fixed incorrect departure/arrival/approach filtering
-Fixed broken SEC FPLN ROUTE MENU link
-Fixed SEC FPLN page change behavior
-Fixed labeling of SEC FPLN DEPART/ARRIVE pages
-Fixed ability to select transitions when not displayed
-Corrected "NBDs" typo
-Fixed procedure name designations
-Corrected (as much as possible) the behavior of the "RWY" text on the legs page
-Fixed localizer data not showing all runways
-Fixed inability to use LSK-copy method to copy waypoints further down the flight plan
-Changed default HOLD speed
-Added ability to display TEARDROP and PARALLEL HOLD entry type
-Fixed erroneous "CANCEL HOLD" display
-Fixed page indexing issue with departure runway selection
-Fixed FIX INFO drawing
-Added FIX INFO intercept calculation (first pass, WIP)
-Fixed incorrect duplicate leg detection
-Fixed incorrect leg sequencing when adjusting a SID/STAR
-Made DIR TO after auto sequence inhibit revert to auto sequence
-Fixed unintentional modification/data updating of active legs from the DIRECT TO history
-Moved ini locations for better re-usability
-Moved pilot route location for better re-usability
-Added Navigraph chart viewer system
-Improved FIX INFO entry and display
-Fixed inabilty to enter VERTICAL DIR TO altitude via scratchpad
-Made editing TO leg directly perform DIR TO
-Improved display of DIR TO vertical fields
-Improved restriction of DIR TO vertical entry
-Fixed inability to reselect an approach after passing the missed approach point
-Discontinuities are no longer inserted after the departure for empty flight plans
-Made an internal change to prevent multiple DIRECT TO objects from being created
-Fixed an issue incorrect reselection of the FROM LEG when changing a STAR/APPR
-Fixed font size on DEP/ARR pages
-Fixed clicking DEP/ARR from the ARRIVAL page not returning to DEP/ARR INDEX
-Various other fixes
-Fixed leg text copying on FPLN page
-Fixed a CTD related to certain leg entry
-Switched flyover handling internally to prevent unneeded @ display
-Fixed hold exit prompt text
-Made modifying leg flyover behavior cause a flight plan modification
-Fixed name of certain HOLDs
-Fixed ability to improperly copy current position before entry
-Fixed an issue potentially incorrectly deleting legs
-Fixed incorrect leg wind entry index
-Allowed copying of leg wind data
-Made HOLD portion of missed approach remain when new approach is selected
-Fixed missing designation for certain approaches
-Fixed certain FIX behavior
-Fixed VA/CA overfly
-Going DIR to a non-flightplan waypoint during a HOLD now advances the hold behind the (DIR) object
-Made airport/runway DIR TO use proper DIR TO system
-Made insert/non-FPLN DIR TO within MAP portion of FPLN erase subsequent map legs
-Improved selection/resetting of ILS data
-Fixed re-selection of STAR/APPR from leg control after completing MAP
-Fixed detection of waypoint chains for dissimilar object types
-Fixed incorrect double-insertion of holds under certain conditions
-Fixed incorrect DIR INTC CRS entry behavior
-Fixed SP RNG number accuracy
-Fixed inability to enter VNAV DESCENT TGT SPEED
-Fixed TRANS ALT display on VNAV CLIMB page
-Fixed TRANS FL display on VNAV DESCENT page
-Fixed inability to enter C/F on TEMP COMP page
-Fixed inability to delete marked points
-Fixed inability to edit second marked point description on each page
-Fixed wrong line select copying marked point latitude/longitude
-Various leg/calculation fixes
-Added automatic setting of vertical usage based on surrounding waypoints (closing gaps)
-Added additional parameters to the runway leg for visual approaches
-Fixed hard-coded "SGF" text on FIX page
-Fixed FROM leg EFOB updating
-Fixed EFOB calculation issue
-Fixed inability to enter ISA DEV properly on LEG WIND page
-Allowed copying of leg ISA deviation

Systems Changes
-Corrected ATC ID of liveries
-VCP improvements
-Removed invalid panel.cfg entry
-Removed invalid aircraft.cfg light entries
-Removed "repair" and "modify" installer options to prevent unintentional de-activation
-Made fuel/payload stay as-is when startup scenario is set to current conditions
-Added check box to enable/disable hardware mapping
-Missing panel bitmap added

PL21 Changes
-Fixed a possible CTD relating to changing flight plans
-TAWS No longer causes erroneous alerts on load
-Fixed display of charts when CHARTS menu was re-opened
-Doubled resolution of PFD and MFD for better readability
-Allowed zoom, pan, and rotation of charts
-Added moving airplane symbol to charts display for geolocated charts
-Added procedure turn arrow display
-Updated size of flight plan arrow
-Made arrow not appear at incorrect times
-Fixed screens not clearing and redrawing fully
-Fixed drawing of runways for visual approaches
-Fixed FIX display behavior
-Fixed several crashes related to leg indexing
-Fixed RTU/FMS transponder syncing
-Fixed a PLAN related CTD
-Fixed missing RESERVE fuel display on MFD PROG

Visual Changes
-Fixed fire extinguisher indicated level
-Fixed missing texture
-Fixed reversed EMER FREQ
-Fixed the GND COMM and EMERG FREQ buttons
-Fixed reversed animation of right aileron trim movement
-Fixed cabin-side cabin door lighting
-Added wing views

In addition to the list above, significant improvements have been made to the following areas:
Leg sequencing
Leg location/prediction calculations
DIR TO and leg insertion behavior
Overall systems accuracy
Overall model accuracy
Overall texture accuracy
Overall night lighting accuracy
Oisin Little a.k.a. Osh
Milviz QA/Product Manager

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Re: King Air Service pack changelog

Post by Debowing » Fri May 29, 2020 7:54 am

Hi, I heard of a King Air 350 upgrade, Could you direct me to the download files?

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Re: King Air Service pack changelog

Post by Nyxx » Sun May 31, 2020 6:11 pm

Having just bought the king are I was amazed not to get the 1.3 version, please link it.

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Re: King Air Service pack changelog

Post by Raptor » Mon Jun 01, 2020 3:20 pm

1.1.29 is the latest one


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