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Phantom updates

Post by doodlebug » Fri Sep 01, 2017 8:35 pm

All out F-4 products (E, J/S, E Tacpack and E ADV) have now been updated to support P3D v.4. The installers were uploaded to our servers and our vendors. It should take a few days to a week for update notifications to reach you.
If you bought directly from us you may use your original download link to obtain the updated product (the link stays the same but the file at the other end of it has been updated)

All models are unchanged except for the ADV model.

F-4E ADV Service Pack1 change-log

Flight Model:

- Post-stall and spin model improved.
- Improved stores aerodynamics effects. A more complex and realistic model has been implemented affecting aircraft stability.
- Improved the flight model part affected by A/C configuration changes (flaps/slats).
- Lift due to pitch rate derivative added.
- Improved ground effect model. Now, the aircraft will be much closer to the T/O performance figures (Nosewheel liftoff and Takeoff speeds).
- Landing gear damage model revised and slightly increased strength. The main gear will stand sink rates up to 1200 ft/min.
- Improved tailhook "collision" model.

Engines Model:

- Overall engine dynamics improved; in particular at extremely high altitudes (zoom climb envelope), high AoA windmilling, airstarts etc...
- Fixed a bug preventing engine shutdowns in the first seconds after engine startup. Now the engine can be shutdown normally at any moment.
- Fixed a bug causing incorrect (and higher) thrust output when returning to Dry from AB position.
- Several minor bugs fixed.
- More accurate MIL thrust model at high altitudes.
- More accurate Specific Fuel Consumption model at dry thrust regime.

General Systems:

- Engine inlet ramps animation fixed: ramps position will now only depend on inlet temperature.
- Improved hydraulic system model.
- AOA indexer flickering with the aircraft stopped on ground fixed.
- SLAT IN light fixed. Now it only will light with electrical system On.
- APU caution light now fully functional.
- WHEELS light fixed: it will only light if flaps are extended.


- GPU disapearing with loadout changes fixed.
- Afterburner flickering fixed.


- Fuel tanks collision damage model and effects added. Only low-fuel/no external tanks belly landings should be attempted.
- Drag chute sound effects added.
- Stores jettison sound added.
- Improved cockpit sounds (panning added).
- Oxygen mask sound effects added (no hypoxia implemented).


- P3Dv4-64bit compatibility.
- ADV module initialization improved from saved flights (aircraft flying).
- New Instructor mode messages added (high EGT, external tanks airspeed limitations, etc...).
- Slightly reduced birdstrike probability.
- Fixed stability issues causing CTDs when selecting another aircraft.


- Manual typos fixed.
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