The Jericho Trumpet.

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The Jericho Trumpet.

Post by pontiusthepilot » Sat May 13, 2017 9:25 am

Contrary to common belief the familiar dive siren was not the same thing as the Jericho Trumpet.

According to former Stuka pilot Hans-Georg Migelod, the Jericho Trumpet (sometimes called the Jericho Horn or the Jericho Pipes) was not the dive siren but a whistle attached to the tail of the bomb. He also explains the reasons why the dive siren was deleted from the JU87-D variant. Part of his interview is here. (The whole interview is about three hours long.)

It's also worth saying that the word Stuka is an abbreviation for 'Sturzkampffugzeug' which simply means dive bomber. As such it was not historically applied to the JU87-G. This was known as the 'Kannonvogel'.

I thought you might find this interesting.


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