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New for MSFS2020: MV310R Light Twin Find out more.

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PC6 work in progress!

06 June 2022

PC6 steam gauge Porter Stage 2:
Development is ongoing. (apologies - we are a bit behind our target schedule.)
Hope to have some pics with the floats in the coming weeks.
Service pack is nearly finished! Should go into testing shortly.


04 May 2022

MilViz 310R for MSFS2020 New Release: MilViz 310R for MSFS2020 Find out more!

MilViz Turbo Porter for MSFS2020

24 September 2021

MilViz Turbo Porter for MSFS2020 New Release: MilViz Turbo Porter for MSFS2020 Find out more!

FG-1D Corsair for MSFS2020 Service Pack

16 August 2021

https://milviz.com/flight/products/FG1D2020/index.php Service Pack released: FG-1D Corsair for MSFS2020. Existing owners have been notified by email.

  • chartboard compatibility fixes for SU5
  • takeoff roll changes
  • stall behavior changes
  • prop response changes

MSFS2020 SU5 breaks Corsair

29 July 2021

The chartboard loadout is broken together with some clickspots and other small issues.
Owners will be informed via email as soon as a fix is ready.
Thank you for your patience.

Turns out that the click spots and mouse interactions have changed in SU5 in a way that is not completely intuitive.
All controls work, however 3-way switches are now controlled by click+drag and mousewheel events.
NB: If you see a little grabby hand, it means drag / mousewheel. If you see a pointy finger, it means mouse-click.

Prepar3D 5.2 breaks WX

23 June 2021

LM have changed the API for the WX.
Until we have a solution, all products featuring the WX will give not function correctly.
Please refer to our support forums for further information and temporary workarounds.