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15th May 2019

LM's hotfix will CTD if you have any MV aircraft installed with the bundled WX. A patch is now available from our support forum.

P3D 4.5

23 April 2019

Aircraft that were previously listed as supporting Prepar3D v4.4, will all support v4.5 with the proviso that the WX Advantage is not yet 4.5 compatible and will cause a CTD. We are currently testing a patch and hope to release it in the coming days. In the meantime, if you wish to fly a Milviz product that came bundled with the WX Advantage weather radar, please uninstall and then re-install with the wx disabled. For more information about compatibility please consult the systems requirements panel on your product's webpage.

T-38C Released

8 April 2019

After a lengthy development period working with USAF squadrons to get it just right, we are proud to announce the release of our T-38C Talon!

Milviz to cease FSX development

21 February 2019

Hi all.

Though we know there's going to be some lash back on this... we have decided to no longer support FSX or, in fact, anything less than P3D v4.4.

If you'd like our reasons and can still see clearly, please read on:

The main issue isn't code, though it too is one of the problems. It's the materials. Once we switch over to PBR, it's exceedingly costly and difficult to match what's in that with what's possible in FSX materials. And it's a lot more difficult to maintain two distinct model/material sets. We did ask LM to allow for this but...

The next issue is, of course, code. There are many things that are able to be done in 64 bit that cannot be done in 32 bit. This basically means, coding in two streams. One of which, no disrespect, is not as nice (dumber) than the other.

We'd much rather go with the nice stuff and put our efforts into making our products look AND act great.

As well, for those of you who insist that LM's EULA says that it MUST be for education... I put it to you that you're always learning. If not, you're pretty much dead anyway. This is the whole point of buying an addon. To learn how to fly it as well as appreciate what it took to fly it in real life. That, my friends, is education, and by my book, is covered.

I know there will be some who will diss us on this and others that will "never" buy our stuff again... That's ok. For us, this is much like the switch over from FS9 to FSX. That was hard too. In the end, it was worth it.

That is all.


MV Direction.

Coming soon: T-38C Advanced Series

1 February 2019

  • fully emulated avionics suite + PMP
  • brand new model and high quality textures
  • USAF instructor tested
Find out more here: T-38C Advanced Series

Prepar3d V4.4

11 December 2018

All our aircraft that were compatible with P3D v4.3, are now compatible with P3D v4.4 with the exceptions of the F-4E and F-4J/S base models.

The F-4 E and F-4 J/S will not be updated for v4.4. However, discounted TP+ADV packages are available that allow your F-4 to work under v4.4 and subsequent iterations of P3D v4. as well as adding a whole new level of realism

If your aircraft uses the REX WX Advantage, please make sure you have the latest version (more information via the support forum).