A note on what can (and cannot) be said on this forum

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A note on what can (and cannot) be said on this forum

Post by Krazycolin » Thu Jan 08, 2015 8:20 pm

Hi all,

Recently some of you have felt that you're allowed to say whatever you wish here. That's, again, not the case. Those people have been warned and, in at least one case, the person has voluntarily left. I am sorry that these things happen but some people just can't take a hint. When an Admin, Mod or I say a subject is terminated, it's terminated. No more discussion.

This is the MV forums and that means this is not a democracy.

You may be users or even clients but here you do not have the rights accorded to you by whatever country you may live in. You have only the rights that the Admin(s), Mod(s) and I, will allow.

What does that mean? It means that whilst you're free to complain (nicely) about our products, to which end, we will almost always try and fix things for you (even on products that are 5 years old), you're not entitled to say nasty things, call others or Admin(s) or Mod,s or, worst of all, me, bad names. Justified or not, that is NOT ALLOWED. Not ever. Your post(s) will be deleted with extreme prejudice and you will be warned by PM. If you post again (in or out of our forums) you will be banned and blacklisted from purchasing our products again.

It's also not allowed to come down on someone for just doing their job, suggest lewd things about the opposite sex (whichever that might be) or expect us to comment on other devs products in any way.

Swearing, meanness, anger and frustration are not welcome here.

It is a support forum and sometimes we may not answer immediately. In fact, sometimes, things get missed or not and whilst we apologize for this, it does happen as we are only human.

Anyway, the idea is to have a place where we can help you, you can maybe help us and we can communicate with each other but we need to do so in an environment that is healthy and fair.

With that in mind, I thank you for your patience.

Colin Pearson

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Re: A note on what can (and cannot) be said on this forum

Post by oldpilot » Fri Jan 16, 2015 11:16 am

Well-stated Colin. It would be nice if other flight sim forums would do the same.


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