T310R XP11 Bugs and Hope for Future Update after 11.50

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T310R XP11 Bugs and Hope for Future Update after 11.50

Post by caolan_cullum » Thu May 14, 2020 1:44 am

Hey guys.

Purchased the Milviz T310R for XP11. Fantastic twin flyer! I know Milviz has more-or-less left major XP11 development, but I'm hoping sometimes soon, probably after 11.50 goes live that you guys could spare some time to look into some of the bugs that appear to have crept into this plane after a few XP updates since it's release.

I've spoken to a Milviz rep on Facebook and they said they'd look into this, but I figured I'd write down a list here of some of the bugs I've found.
  • Librain effect needs to be updated for XP11.50
  • Plane is incapable of following a flightplan in NAV mode. Has to be flown manually using HDG
  • Plane has no vertical trim indicator. Unsure if this was intentional when the plane was released, but the real life plane has one beside the throttle levers. I'm wondering if the indicator is an object that for some reason isn't being loaded in?
  • Plane by default loads with right and left gas tanks selected/active. It should preferably start with them in the OFF position.
  • The plane's primary HDG/TRK NAV1 compass appears not to align with the actual direction the plane is flying, nor the track indicated by the GNS530 by a significant margin ie. the direct track given by the GNS530 might be 60 degrees, but the NAV compass is reporting 70 degrees


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